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Friday Test & Tune Called off for tonight due to rain

Saturday Bracket Race
Gates open at 4 starts at 6

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Michelle Devilbiss

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Whats up guys its time for another RACEWARS!! ESFR Video will be hosting a racing event on Sunday, July 9th, 2017 at Cherokee Race Park located at 157 Race Track Rd. Rogersville, TN. Its right off 11w. Everyone is welcome! $20 to race and $10 to watch. Come race as much as you want! ONLY $20 TO TEST N TUNE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER CASH DAYS. Test and tune starts at 12:30pm ends at 530pm. Thats 5 hours of none stop testing!!! Imagine how many passes you can get in!! THE TRACK WILL BE PREPPED GREAT!! COME MAKE SOME RECORD PASSES!!! After Test and Tune we will be having a Cash Days style event where you pay a entry fee and run for the pot. It will be PREPPED Run what ya brung HEADS UP RACING! NO POT LIMIT!! COME WIN SOME MONEY!!!! WE HAVE MULTIPLE CASH DAYS CLASSES TO FIT EVERYONES NEEDS. All racing will be on a regular tree. NO TIMES SHOWN but slips will be given directly to you. IF YOU WANT IN A CASH DAYS RACE LET VIRGIL CLONTZ KNOW AND LOCK IT IN.
$50 DOOR CAR CLASS(anything with a door can run)
$50 TAG ONLY STREET CLASS(tagged vehicle with any small tires, no tube chassis)
$25 DOT TIRE STREET CLASS (tagged vehicle with DOT approved tires, no tube chassis)
$25 FULL SIZE TRUCK/DIESEL CLASS(any full sized Truck/suv gas or diesel)
$25 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CLASS(any fwd vehicle)
$25 BIKE CLASS(any bike)

Gates open at 11am racing starts at 12:30pm. Cash Days start at 5:30 pm. Food and drinks will be available at the stand. Please contact Virgil Clontz for any information. Make sure you wear you're seatbelt and if you plan on making a fast pass bring a helmet. Everyone come out and have fun! God bless!